Fears for the President’s Health Take Hold in Nigeria

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been sick for some time with an illness that has not been disclosed. Earlier this year, he went to the United Kingdom to seek treatment and some around him say his health is deteriorating. It is much more common for African politicians to maintain the privacy of their health as opposed to western ones.

Mr. Buhari has been President of a country enduring serious challenges. The Islamic group Boko Haram continues to be a threat to the government and collapsing oil prices have dented the economy. Currency crises have also plagued the economy. The Naira was supported by the Nigerian central bank after oil prices collapsed until June 2016 when it no longer could. The number of nairas needed to buy a dollar surged from about 200 to 305, prompting the bank to support the currency again, although currently, the exchange rate is back to 305. That uncertainty, though, has severely dented the confidence of foreign investors who have sharply pulled back from investing in the country.

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