Frontline’s 10 Best Episodes

Frontline’s 10 Best Episodes

There have been many quality news shows over the years. But, none of them have approached the quality of Frontline in covering in depth the most important stories from around the world in unbelievable depth and quality.

In chronological order, here are ten of the best episodes so far.

Ghosts of Rwanda (4/1/04)

Why did America, and other developed nations, stand by while nearly a million Rwandans were slaughtered? Who did choose to help in one of the dark chapters of African history? Frontline tells this story in this amazing episode as well as point to the failures that must be avoided by the international community in the future.

The Age of AIDS (5/30/06)

This is the greatest investigation on film of the virus that left millions of people dead and changed certain vulnerable communities and their relationships to others. The 2006 release marked the 25th anniversary of the first confirmed diagnoses. The film covers the effects on peoples lives, the scientists who battled for a cure – and with each other, and the ugly politics of AIDS in the 1980s. As Frontline itself says on its website, the true subject of the film is the “triumph of the human spirit.”

The Hugo Chavez Show (11/25/08)

An annoyance to the United States and a source of controversy internationally, this film gives the real Hugo Chavez – both good and bad – and the qualities that allowed him to ascend to the pinnacle of Venezuelan politics. Along the way, the failure of good intentions also begins to emerge.

Death by Fire (10/19/10)

A disturbing look at the failures of the criminal justice system, this episode tells the story of a Texas man convicted of burning his house to the ground with his kids inside. He was sentenced to death for his crime. There’s only one problem: he didn’t do it.

Climate of Doubt (10/23/12)

How did man made climate change go from a universally accepted truth to a hotly disputed political question? This film traces the history.

League of Denial (10/8/13)

Few people take on the NFL. One doctor did and he paid a price, but the questions he raised never went away.

Secrets of the Vatican (2/25/14)

Regardless if you’re Catholic, this episode will disturb and astonish you in addition to bringing clarity to the reasons for the resignation of Pope Benedict.

Putin’s Way (1/13/15)

The career of Vladmir Putin, from KGB to Kremlin. Nowhere else are the substantial corruption and violence surrounding Putin been laid out so clearly.

My Brother’s Bomber (9/21/15)

The Lockerbie bombing has held tantalizing mysteries for years. Just who exactly planned it and why? Ken Dornstein, whose brother died in the bombing, tries to find out.

The Secret History of ISIS (5/17/16)

How a group of radicals in the Iraq War formed a new organization distinct from al-Qaeda.

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