Jacob Zuma Survives Another Censure Vote

Jacob Zuma Survives Another Censure Vote

South Africa’s opposition party is disappointed today as President Jacob Zuma survived a new censure motion in parliament. “The results of the vote are as follows: 177 in favor of the [censorship] motion, 198 against and 9 abstentions,” declared the House Speaker, under the acclamation of majority legislators. It was the sixth such vote against Zuma and the first to be done by secret ballot. Zuma has been implicated in corruption scandals and is presiding over an economy in recession.

After the vote, the ANC, Zuma’s political party, said in a statement: “Parliament rejected the attempt to bring down the government. We all trusted our deputies to make this motion fail and that is what we did.”

The ANC controls the Assembly with 249 seats and on Monday the party had stated that it had “no doubt about the failure of this motion, as was the case for many others in the past.”

Zuma, 75, has been in power since 2009 and whose current term ends in 2019, has survived five motions of censorship, without a secret ballot. The ANC has been in power since the end of apartheid in 1994.


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