James Comey Testifies that Classified Information was Emailed to Anthony Wiener

FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that somehow classified emails were being forwarded to Anthony Wiener. Wiener is a former Congressman from Brooklyn and failed New York mayoral candidate whose career was ended by repeated sexual scandals. He was married to Clinton aide Huma Abedin at the time. The two met at Martha’s Vineyard in 2001 and were married in 2010, with former President Bill Clinton officiating.

Congressmen from both political parties expressed their displeasure with the FBI and Comey. Democratic party leaders are upset at Comey’s public announcement of reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified material days before the election. Republican party leaders are upset at how Comey has handled the investigation into ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign.

Comey defended himself and the FBI and said the thought he might have influenced the election made him nauseous. Comey said he had to make a choice between saying something about the Clinton investigation and potentially influencing events or say nothing and be accused of concealing information. FBI investigations are typically secret, but exceptions are made when announcing information is in the public interest.

Director Comey also denied ever giving permission to employees to act as anonymous sources and said, ““I love this work, I love this job, and I love it because of the mission and the people I get to work with.”

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