Man Attacks Officer in Paris Before Being Shot

Man Attacks Officer in Paris Before Being Shot

In another apparent incident of terrorism on Tuesday, French police shot a man outside Notre Dame Cathedral after he tried to attack a police officer with a hammer. The man was later found to also have various kitchen knives on him. He is injured, but currently still alive.

The man was heard shouting “This is for Syria,” leading officials to believe he likely was inspired by or directly connected to ISIS. The identification he had in his pocket showed that he was a student from Algeria.

Following the attack, hundreds of Parisians sought refuge inside the Cathedral. Inside, authorities asked the crowd to hold their hands up to ensure no one was armed. The attack comes directly on the heels of an attack in London and as the French government weighs whether to lift a state of emergency initiated after the November 2015 Paris attacks, which killed 130.

This attack mirrored recent attacks in Paris – one outside the Louvre in February, another where a policeman was targeted and killed by the assailant took his own life, and one at the Orly airport where the assailant was killed after attempting to take a policeman’s firearm.

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