North Korea Miniaturizes Nuclear Warhead

North Korea Miniaturizes Nuclear Warhead

North Korea has successfully produced a miniature nuclear warhead that can be placed on one of its ballistic missiles, entering a new phase of its atomic program, confirmed U.S. intelligence agencies and the Japanese Defense Ministry.

According to the Washington Post, the news is alarming and explains the strong criticisms expressed by China, the only Pyongyang ally, in the face of the latest missile tests. A

Experts believe that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un now has an arsenal of about 60 atomic bombs. Bombs, however, are too big and heavy to be installed on a missile and protected by a so-called “return vehicle”, a system that at the end of the ballistic trajectory of the missile manages to bring the missile to its target, overcoming the stresses of heat and turbulence related to the return to Earth’s atmosphere.

U.S. president Donald Trump called for world leaders to pressure Pyongyang into giving up its nuclear program despite statements by the regime that it would not entertain such an outcome. Trump said that world leaders are beginning to come together after “many years of bankruptcy” to address the threats posed by North Korea. “After many years of bankruptcy – he added – countries are meeting to finally address the dangers posed by North Korea. We need to be tough and determined.”.


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