Light only comes from heat. As a result, we support vigorous debate on the topics that are most critical to our World and its’ future. We welcome the opportunity to publish submissions on a variety of subjects and viewpoints. While will not base decisions upon the viewpoint being argued, we do value articles that demonstrate factual support for arguments as well as strong exhibitions of critical thinking.

We strive to respond to all submissions within a week of receipt. Further, we will assign you an editor to work closely with you on your writing and provide feedback. It is our hope to cement long term relationships with our contributors if possible and desired by you.

If you are interested in submitting an article you may send it to [email protected] Please include brief information about yourself or share your resume.

Please note that while we are happy to share many kinds of viewpoints, we will reject some articles we deem offensive and with which we do not wish to be associated and reserve the right to reject any submission at our discretion. This could include articles promoting racism, violence, misogyny, homophobia, or that is clearly erroneous or with tenuous factual support.

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