Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

Trump Fires FBI Director Comey

A day after James Comey delivered testimony to Congress, President Trump has accepted his resignation as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Comey had stated under oath that Huma Abedin, an aide to Hillary Clinton, had regularly forwarded classified information to her husband Anthony Wiener while Clinton was Secretary of State.

After Comey’s testimony, the FBI wrote a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee amending Comey’s testimony and stating that only a few emails had been forwarded by Abedin to Wiener.

Director Comey had been under fire from Democrats for announcing that the FBI investigation into Clinton’s email handling was re-opened just days before the election, causing him to offer further explanations for why he felt it necessary to make the public announcement and risk tipping election results.

Comey had also received criticism from Republicans over investigations into the Trump campaign and its relationship with Russia. While trying to walk a tightrope in keeping the Bureau apolitical, he ultimately failed. The acceptance of his resignation was based upon the advice of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, although it is not known what role, if any, the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign may have played in the decision.

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