Trump Said to Reveal Classified Information to Russia

Trump Said to Reveal Classified Information to Russia

According to White House sources speaking to The Washington Post, President Donald Trump revealed sensitive and classified information to Russian representatives when they visited the Oval Office last week. The information shared was a thwarted plot by ISIS to use laptop computers on airplanes as terrorist weapons. Trump appeared to disclose the information while boasting about the intelligence he receives.

Beyond the actual disclosure of information, intelligence officials feared the disclosure would harm its relationship with sources or place human sources in danger. The information was deemed so sensitive, not only close allies were briefed on the material. While the President did not disclose the name of the source, he did disclose the city in which he lives. But, intelligence officials believe little more is needed for Russian intelligence to connect the pieces and identify the source. While Russia and the United States share ISIS as a common enemy, the long-range goals of the two countries remain at odds in Syria.

Officials in the White House sought the help of the CIA and the NSA in limiting the damage caused.

The revelation is particularly surprising given the amount of criticism the President lobbed at Hillary Clinton, his opponent in the 2016 Presidential elections, over her handling of classified material.

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