Trump Weighs in on Qatar

Trump Weighs in on Qatar

Donald Trump took to his favorite communication medium, Twitter, today to weigh in on the current diplomatic crisis in the Middle East in which multiple countries cut ties with Qatar over its alleged funding of terrorists.

Trump appeared to take credit for the development after his recent trip to the region.

Among the countries, severing relations with Qatar are Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Yemen, citing Qatar’s support of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, ISIS, and Iran.

The Pentagon, which has access to a key military base in Qatar, took a more diplomatic and concilitary tone, saying in a statement:

“We recognize that there are differing views in the region that have gotten us to this point. The United States and the Coalition are grateful to the Qataris for their longstanding support of our presence and their enduring commitment to regional security. We have no plans to change our posture in Qatar.”


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