Trump’s Healthcare Proposal Still in Danger in the House

Trump’s Healthcare Proposal Still in Danger in the House

Frantic lobbying of House Republicans by the Trump Administration and Speaker Paul Ryan may not be enough to bring House Conservatives onboard in passing a health care proposal to replace the Affordable Care Act.

At issue is language in the bill that does not replace certain aspects of the Affordable Care Act including the mandate that insurers must offer certain coverages in each policy and cover pre-existing conditions. Members of the Freedom Caucus in the House have said that the concessions Trump have offered them so far have been inadequate.

Moves to make the bill more conservative and enable it to pass the House make passage in the Senate more arduous, with resistance in the Upper Chamber coming from moderates who fear a backlash from constituents should popular measures of the bill be taken away and substantial numbers of constituents facing the loss of coverage or dramatically higher costs.

Despite the opposition, it is still expected that a vote on the bill will happen sometime today.

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