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Jeep Unveils Eco-Friendly Version of the Avenger with Mild Hybrid System

Jeep Expands its Lineup with the Eco-Labeled Mild Hybrid Avenger

Jeep is broadening the range of its entry model, the Avenger, with the introduction of a mild hybrid variant bearing the Eco label, starting at 25,000 euros. Before the year’s end, a plug-in hybrid option with 4×4 traction will also be available.

The Avenger stands as Jeep’s gateway to its lineup, a vehicle that fits into the B-SUV segment with a length of 4.04 meters. This car is particularly noteworthy for its ability to navigate urban traffic with ease due to its exterior dimensions. Yet, it also performs admirably on highways and, more importantly, off-road environments. Despite its modern and casual style, it remains a true Jeep family member, inheriting the off-road tradition of the American brand since its inception in 1944.

The model was launched in 2023, initially available only in a 100% electric version. However, a few months later, a gasoline variant with a 1.2 Turbo engine was introduced, primarily for markets where electric vehicles were not selling well, such as Italy and Spain.

This model is crucial for the brand’s future, capitalizing on the high demand for B-SUV vehicles, especially in Europe. To maximize the model’s potential, the lineup now includes an intriguing mild hybrid version. Based on the 1.2 gasoline engine with 100 horsepower, it adds an electric motor and a small 48-volt battery. Its capacity is only 0.9 kWh, but it enables efficient operation without adding excessive weight or cost. Moreover, it allows for more than a kilometer of travel with the gasoline engine turned off.

Electric Motor in the Gearbox
Typically, vehicles with mild hybrid technology feature an electric motor that merely assists the gasoline engine at certain times, adding some torque during acceleration (about 50 Nm), but cannot operate with the gasoline engine off. However, this case is somewhat different. It uses a 26 horsepower electric motor integrated into the gearbox. This six-speed dual-clutch gearbox includes paddle shifters on the steering wheel, allowing for almost manual handling when seeking greater dynamism.

The most significant aspect is that with the motor integrated into the gearbox itself, the response is almost immediate upon pressing the accelerator. This was evident during an initial test drive of the new model at the Stellantis group’s test track in Balocco, Northern Italy.