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MWC24: Motorola Unveils Rollable Concept Phone, Here’s What It Is About

Motorola has taken the tech world by surprise with its latest smartphone concept unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. This foldable smartphone features a flexible pOLED screen, offering users a unique experience by adapting to various modes of use. A standout feature is the “tend mode,” ideal for video game enthusiasts.

The foldable part can also transform into a stand, pushing the user interface upward for advanced app control. Notably, the phone can even be worn as a bracelet, although comfort may be an issue for extended use.

The secret behind Motorola’s foldable phone lies in its flexible pOLED screen and a clever placement of smaller batteries, creating a spine-like structure that supports the device during folding. Although still a concept, the device demonstrated impressive functionality during a hands-on demo, showcasing its potential. However, the company acknowledges that app development for this unique device is still in its early stages.

Motorola’s Adaptive Display concept, introduced last October, has taken another step towards reality at MWC. This experimental smartphone wraps around the wrist, featuring a 6.9-inch flexible pOLED screen. The fabric-coated device is equipped with several hinges that allow it to fold into various shapes.